Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Ideas that emmit from a Gabe

     I've been working a lot of 12 hour days lately.  My job is fairly mundane and monotonous.  I'm not knocking it, I'm glad I have it, in fact.  Many people are out of work right now so I do not take it for granted.  That being said, lets just say I have to keep my brain entertained as much as possible throughout these 8 to 12 hour days, or it may explode on me one day.  Sometimes I use AM radio to keep me going, sometimes Cd's, sometimes Pandora.  The Reds games help at night, especially when they are winning! 

     Lately most of the time I try to burn up listening to podcasts.  I never knew much about them except that they were recordings of radio shows and things of that nature.  There are several advantages to listening to podcasts for me.  One is that there are WAY fewer commercials, especially compared to AM radio.  You can also choose what to listen to, whereas the radio might have a host you like, but a subject that is not interesting, there is no control of that in AM radio.  I am finding out there are plenty of different categories to choose from.  You can also stop, pause, and seek through podcasts just like an mp3, which is very convenient when you're at work and have a schedule to adhere to.  I use an application on my Blackberry Curve called "InTune" radio to find the podcasts I like, which are updated with new shows practically as soon as they are available.  The sound quality is much better as well.  I encourage anyone who has a job similar to mine, to try it out a few times, see if you like it.

     This time has also got me thinking, why can't I start a podcast myself?  I mean with the very basic tools needed in today's technological world where its fairly cheap, if not downright free for the most part, to do these types of things.  I think it would be fun.  There is a little brainstorming to figure out things, like what the name of the podcast would be, what exact subjects to talk about (tech? HD? movies? gadgets? Internet? all of the above?), what day of the week to record, to start on a site of our own or some current one, and all of that mess, etc.  Brian and I will have to wake up a few dormant brain cells to try and figure it out if we go through with it.  I listen to these podcasts that have sponsors, and probably pay decent money to the hosts that have a lot of listeners, and think to myself "These are basically the same conversations I'm having with my friends and family on a regular basis."  So how hard could it be? 

     Honestly I know it will turn out a little more challenging than that, but it will still be fun, and just like this blog, if nothing bigger comes out of it, it will still be like a journal of sorts.  History told by us, to look back on and laugh when we are older and make fun of how the some of the smart phones of 2011 ONLY had dual core processors and 8 mega-pixel 3d hd cameras....


  1. I've done a podcast. It was pretty fun man. you should do it. I'll help if I can.