Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My first blog on blogger.com

Being that this is my first blog on blogger.com, this is more like a test run, to see how it goes.  Honestly I am assuming that Google Plus will start to open up to the full public spectrum without an invite needed shortly, and since I'm not a fan of facebook's "notes", I figured I'd try this out, since I'll probably end up on G+ way more than facebook.  Especially when they roll out an app for blackberry.  I'm sure in time they'll put a quick button on blogger for us to share easily to our G+ accounts (being that google owns blogger.com), if not there are always links.

I'll give fair warning, I'm not a great writer, I read a lot, but not books.  I don't have the best grammar, and I am not trying to compete with other bloggers in that regard.  I can't creatively pull adjectives out of my head and strategically place them to tell an awesome story.  What I can give is honesty, real world experience, and opinion.  If nothing else, I can use this as a kind of jounal of sorts.  Stay tuned, comment and follow me if you like.  Thanks for checking it out!



  1. I have a blog as well. Not too many followers, which if fine with me. Just like you, it's more of a journal than something for the general public to enjoy. You're welcome to follow if you care to.


  2. There is a google+ app for droid...I have it, but I only have 2 friends right now, I don't use it much... :)

  3. Pam.. Following! Amanda, howdy! It will take a while before it opens up to the extreme masses, there is "only" about 10million there right now, lol.